Friday, February 03, 2006

Husband Material*

*Note: not available for serious dating until 2022

Today, as I was gathering dirty clothes for laundry, Isaac came up to me and said, "Dryer?"

"No sweetheart," I responded as I piled together some whites for a light-colored load, "I am putting these in the washer to get clean. Then we will put them in the dryer."

Before I could stop him, he ran to his own laundry basket, grabbed two baby-sized handfuls of clothes, and ran to the utility closet. I heard a thump as he threw his body against something. I came out of the bedroom to see what he'd done.

Despite being about a foot shorter than our top-loading washer, apparently by jumping, he'd managed to throw them all in. And, looking inside the washer, I discovered the clothes were all light-colored! Unless it was just an amazing coincidence, he'd apparently noticed I was sorting my own clothes and not grabbing anything dark, and decided to follow suit.

Then, when I had the load together, he insisted on helping me pour in the soap and set the dial.

Did I mention that he's already been helping me load the dryer for months, and he also likes to dust, use the lint roller, put his toys back in his toy box, and wipe off the dining room table?

Maybe I don't need a maid.

Now, if I could just get him to learn how to scrub applesauce and playdough out of the carpet, and to stop unfolding clothes as I fold them . . .


Lisa said...

Yeay YOU! Future good hubby indeed!

Peter said...

that's it ... i am drafting a list of chores for Julius RIGHT NOW !!!

Bridgermama said...

Do you think he could give my significant-other lessons?