Monday, October 23, 2006


I am sorry; I just can't seem to write here right now. My head is full of things to write about, but I can't seem to bring my thoughts together coherently enough lately to post. I would say I haven't had time to post lately, but that's not entirely true. It is true that I have been terribly busy over the past two weeks, but I have left a couple of marathon comments on other people's blogs over the last couple of days and I could easily have spent that time posting here instead. But for some reason, I nearly always find it easier to respond to other people's thoughts than I do to organize my own. And the truth is, I enjoy reading and responding to other people's work a great deal more than I do composing my own.

I am not giving up; I will return. I have just been under a lot of stress lately, with a new work project, the prospect of buying a house, and all sorts of other random challenges popping up lately, as they are wont to, where I least expect or want them.

(For example, my glasses malfunctioned the other day. One of the lenses, which has never been quite secure since I got this pair a few months ago, popped clear out. I tried to fix it with my trusty screw kit, but the lens wouldn't stay in. So I took a trip to the not-so-close store where I'd gotten the glasses, and tried to get them fixed there. They fixed the lens, but in the process, they obviously scratched my not-cheap designer frames. When I complained about this, the technician who had made the error proceeded trying lamely and rudely to minimize his mistake, attempting to make fun of me by saying, "Do you actually need glasses if you are going to notice a scratch that small?" It was two scratches, and they were not small. After I glared at him he agreed to try to fix them. He made them even worse. The new gouge in my frames was so bad, he rushed out of the lab to search the inventory surreptitiously for a replacement frame, and then, realizing they were out, sheepishly offered to order me new frames before even showing my old ones to me. It will take two weeks to get new ones. Then I will have to risk my expensive, "you're so blind we have to send out to the out of state lab for your prescription, and that will take three weeks" polycarbonate lenses in the hands of this assclown or one of his associates once more. Joy. All sorts of random things like that have been happening lately).

(Wow, I just wrote a lot there, didn't I? Does this count as a post? I guess so. There you go, fans.)

(Now I am going to sleep, because it is already morning, and I have 50 billion things to do tomorrow).


Rebecca said...

I had a similar,but not as bad, experience with my glasses. I was picking a new pair up and the lady was fighting them to my face and walked off to clean them. When she brought them back there was only one nose piece.

Lisa said...

Gah. Sending hugs your way. And you know, I'd be happy to babysit your little man at some point too! (I'm not crazy. At least not in the scarey sort of way. heehee.) Seth would LOVE to have another kiddo around! So would I!

Hope your lenses get back to you sooner than anticipated. And hope the work project is going well too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Debbie at I Obsess is taking a break from commenting, but she's still posting. Maybe you could take a posting break but keep commenting.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. I can be flexible in my Discontent fix. I'm just here for the incredible conversation (and excellent writing) which I can find in comments too.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me that I need to get new glasses. I have needed them forever but I keep getting pregnant and then forgetting about them until it is too late. Sigh. One more thing for my to do list thanks! (lol jk)

Sugared Harpy said...

Oy, I gotcha babe. I hope all is well and you come back refreshed, renewed, and happy!

(hahaha...assclown is always a funny word, yes I'm 5)

Her Bad Mother said...

Hells, I've written a dozen posts like this. I hear ya, lady. Hugs.