Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why I Am Moving to a Log Cabin in the Wilderness

It started a few weeks ago.

I came out of the shower one morning to hear my three-year-old son calling, "Mommy, is it okay if I watch this video?"

I went into the living room to find my son sitting in front of his father's laptop. Squinting without my glasses at the screen, I discovered that my son was watching Nora the Piano Cat on You Tube.

At the top of the screen was the Google Video search frame.

My son had found Nora the Piano Cat by starting Firefox, typing "CATS" into the Google box on the Firefox homepage, and then clicking the Video link.

Today, I caught him searching for "GMSS."

You see, he couldn't quite remember how to spell "Games."

(I am currently taking bets on what age he'll be when he makes his first attempt at hacking the NSA.)


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, he's a genius! My 5 year old can't even spell cats.

Awesome Mom said...

And I though Evan was super smart because he could recognize a lot of different numbers and letters!

He may not eat much but he sure seems to be getting enough nourishment into his noggin for some power thinking

the mad momma said...

are you kidding me?!!! obviously this not eating thing is working wonders!dont let me hear you complain again lady!

Bea said...

Um, genius?

Jaelithe said...

It's all thanks to you Mrs. Bub and Pie-- he learned to spell (and use the trackpad on the laptop better than I can) from playing at, which I only found when you wrote about Bub playing the letter memory games there.

To tell the truth, MadMomma, I would trade a little of his appetite for words for a little more appetite for food in a second!

Anyway, I am just glad all he has managed to search for successfully so far is "cats." I already told him he absolutely must not search for "games" again without including "kids" in the search box!

smartmomteaches said...

Starfall is the best website ever!!! My son is almost 3 and he has been playing starfall religiously the entire summer. I find him in his room sounding out words like gorilla, sunshine, etc. and saying this captial B, that is lowercase m. This is website I urge all parents to log on to right now. I use it at the school where I teach 2nd grade.

Jaelithe I just found your site tonight and I have been reading nonstop for the past two hours. I can relate to so many of the issues you write about. I also have a son who is a "selective eater" (I try to sound positive) and I am a vegetarian. We struggle everyday with food in my is very stressful and sad..but at the end of the day my son is a happy, smiling little boy and that's all that matters. After all, maybe tomorrow he will try something new.. you never know..

Lisa said...

That is amazing woman!

Yeay Issac!

the mad momma said...


Anonymous said...

I am floored. Call the media. Seriously. Many mothers think their kids are jeen-yus, but I really think Isaac is the real thing.

How proud you must be.

Chaotic Joy said...

Okay, We had to lock our 3 yr old in at night to keep him from getting up and searching the net (among other dangerous things). His searches were random though, and I still found them preccocious. He certainly can NOT spell cat. You have a bona fide genius on your hands.

Debbie said...

always knew Isaac was a genius. I can't watch Colbert Report without recalling that Isaac was able to read the name of the show at age 2.