Sunday, June 08, 2008

If We All Tried a Little Harder

Could we make this happen?


Anonymous said...

Oh, if only.....then maybe my insomnia wouldn't be so bad.....

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

In response to your last comment on my blog... did you know that you can run Windows on a Mac?

The one thing standing between us and Mac, was Windows... James requires it for work. Come to find out, Windows works just fine on a Mac. It's really weird, actually, because he can toggle between the two... and his laptop works fast and without problems!

So he has the best of both worlds.

Jaelithe said...

Yes, I know you can run Windows on a Mac. Actually, my husband has a laptop that dual boots with Windows and Linux.

It's more about the hardware, than the software, actually, I think. My husband finds it annoying that you can't easily just take Macs apart and mix them with parts from other computers to create a Frankenstein machine, like you can with most PCs. He likes to tinker with things.

He's also all about open source, and he wants Mac to release their OS to work on any machine. Which they are not likely to do in the next decade.

One of these days I'm going to finish the novel I am writing on my stupid Vista desktop, and one of the first things I will do when published is use part of the proceeds to buy the Mac laptop I actually wanted. Heh.