Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michelle Obama Guest Posted on MOMocrats

She did! For serious! Looky here:

Michelle Obama wants you to register to vote.

Missouri's deadline to register in order to be eligible to vote in this year's presidential election is October 8th.

Are you registered to vote under your current name at your current address? Are you currently listed on the rolls as an active voter?

Even if you currently think you are registered, you may not be. If you haven't voted in the last two local elections, your registration may have been listed as inactive.

If you're not sure whether your current voter registration is up to date, please contact your local Board of Elections to check before you miss the registration deadline.

St. Louis County Board of Elections

St. Louis City Board of Elections

Kansas City Board of Elections

Jackson County Board of Elections


Kim said...

Vote early, vote often. That's what I say. :)

Lisa said...

How cool is that!

achoiceofweapons said...

Just stopping by

Ruth Dynamite said...

You and the other momocrats are doing a great job, J. I'm very excited for Tuesday!