Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Break That Wasn't

Last week, my son was home with me all day every day for spring break. And despite the fact that I knew that would mean I would get a lot less work done (especially since my husband had a Big Work Project planned that would keep him very busy and not so much available on the parenting front), at the beginning of last week, I was very happy about the prospect of hours and hours alone with my kid.

Since he has started full-day school (and moved to a school all the way across town), I've missed having him around. There are days now when I literally don't see him for more than an hour or two before bedtime. I had grand plans for all the wonderful things we would do in a whole week together.

We would go to the zoo! We would have a play date with another blogger and her daughter! We would bake bread, and cookies (all peanut-free) and plant broccoli seedlings in the garden. I would play all of his favorite board games (all the ones I got so sick of before he was in school, that I now sheepishly admit miss).

Yeah, no.

Tuesday morning at 3 a.m. I was awakened by excruciating, burning abdominal pain, from my left hip straight up to my bottom left rib. A few hours later, after various tests and consultations with two doctors, I found out I'd had an abnormal ovarian cyst rupture. (More on the interesting medical saga related to that discovery later, when I feel well enough to write it.)

If you've never had this happen before, either because you are one of my ovary-less readers, or because, unlike unfortunate me, your womanly parts have all always functioned beautifully and harmoniously as nature intended, allow me to describe the pain:

1.) Less painful than natural childbirth.

2.) More painful than anything else that has ever happened to me (besides, of course, the last time I had a dangerously large cyst.)(Oh yes. Did I mention this has happened before?)

3.) If you are still not understanding this description of pain because you're one of those humans who bear their reproductive parts outside the body, just imagine one half of one of your testicles exploding.

(You're welcome.)

So, yeah. That sucked.

Later that same day, as I lay in bed really starting to regret my decision to not take the prescription for heavy narcotics the GYN who confirmed my diagnosis had sympathetically proffered, my son started complaining of a headache.

The next day, he developed a full-blown miserable, snot-nosed head cold from Hades.

And so it came to pass that, instead of "resting for a few days, limiting physical activity and monitoring body temperature for any signs of infection until the pain subsides" as a doctor had oh-so-helpfully suggested, I spent the next few days trying not to yelp in pain every time I hauled my sad sorry, busted-lady-bits-bearing self up off the couch to get my feverish, exhausted, kid with a sinus headache and a hacking cough a cup of water or a tissue or another dose of medicine, while we both sighed and muttered and whined and watched bad TV.

Leaving the house, at all, was pretty much out of the question.

By Monday we were both feeling a bit better. By Tuesday morning, he was well enough to go to school.

And me? Well, I could finally take the stairs down to the basement without wanting to cry.

But I'd caught my son's cold.

I need a vacation.


KBO said...

Damn, girl, you 'sploded your ladyparts? That musta hurt. We missed you on the interwebs. Hope you are feeling better.

Farrell said...

wow--you are right - you DEFINITELY need a vacation!!

One Photo said...

Stopping by after reading your comments on Mom-101. I hope you feel better soon -we were a house of bugs last week and as I told my husband there is nothing worse than trying to look after a sick child when you are not well yourself.

I hope you feel better soon!

I really like your blog - glad I stopped by.

Awesome Mom said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Celeste said...

You poor've been through an awful lot. I had that head cold start up last Monday after it had worked its way through the rest of the house. I foolishly thought I wouldn't catch it after taking care of the others.

I had ovarian pain during fertility treatment and I agree with you completely on how you rate it. On top of all you described, there just isn't much of any way to become comfortable. As I recall, at first it even hurt to wear underwear.

I'm very sorry for your troubles to the north and south at the same time. You are in my thoughts and I hope you can get a little rest now.

Wishing vacations to all the moms who need one, including my own self.

beck said...

omg, my ovaries were cringing just reading this.

Sugared Harpy said...

Oh babe, I'm so sorry. That sounds terrible. Feel better very soon!