Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conversations with a Seven-Year-Old

KID: I can't sleep by myself tonight. I'm scared.

MOTHER: Of what?

KID: I'm scared that a black hole will swallow the Earth before humans master interplanetary space flight. I'm scared that all the people living on Earth will die, and civilization will be destroyed, and maybe then there will be no intelligent life left anywhere in the universe. I'm scared that the universe itself will one day run out of energy and grow cold and dark and empty.

MOTHER: You've really missed your father while he's been out of town, haven't you?

KID: Yes.


Farrell said...


Sandra J said...

That's just the cutest thing...and what a smart child you've got :)

Jo said...

What an amazing thing! It is so true.

Korinthia Klein said...

When my husband was deployed there were days anything remotely sad or uncomfortable for my kids turned into missing daddy. I tried to remind myself often that it just meant we loved him.

Kymbrlee at Mom It Forward said...

Dang.... that is an elaborate i miss my pops. That is one imaginative and clever little boy.