Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ode to an OT

Oh, Michelle! Michelle who comes to our house instead of making us drive 45 minutes and then wait 20 minutes to see her in a sterile, un-childproofed office. Michelle with her bag of bright, squishy, irresistable toys. Michelle who sits on the floor all the time when she's here so as to be at child-eye-level. Michelle who brings tests, equipment, and treatments designed for a toddler instead of an eight-year-old.

Michelle, who has been the first healthcare professional besides our family doctor to treat Isaac like a child with an eating problem instead of a problem child.

Isaac tried BARBEQUE SAUCE today, thanks to Michelle.

Now if only we could get Great West to actually cover her services before our healthcare FSA runs out.



Lisa said...

I posted a comment here awhile back but it must not have "took"? Anyway... ya gotta LOVE those OT!!!!

ANd to respond to your comment on Miss Daisy -- Seth gets VERY upset if I sing along too. It is so funny. And as soon as he hears my music, he freaks out and gets angry. He wants HIS music in the car and anyplace else.

Loud noises, drills, hammering and other sounds still scare him. He doesn't like the vaccum cleaner but he doesn't freak out NEARLY as much as he used to.

He reminds me alot of my mom in those aspects. She's still that way. He's a combination of both his grandma's and God help us all!

Jaelithe said...

It's funny- Isaac will listen to most "adult" music, I think because we've only ever bought him one CD that was specifically for children, so he's just used to listening to classical or jazz or latin or persian fusion or heavy metal ballads or what have you with Mommy.

But he has to choose the music himself, and he's very particular. If he's in the mood for, say, Evanescence, and I put in, say, Jack Johnson, there will be H-E-DOUBLE-STICKS to pay, in the form of incessant whining until the "wrong" music stops.

Of course, he can't SAY "Mommy, I want to listen to your Great Ladies of Jazz CD and ONLY your Great Ladies of Jazz CD today," yet, so it's been kind of a touchy trial-and-error situation.

Lately, I've actually started just letting him flip through my CD book and point to which one he wants, because honestly most of the time I don't care what we're listening to as long as it has nothing to do with Mickey Mouse, Elmo, or Barney. I get enough of those guys on the TV, thanks.


Dawn said...

I feel the same way about "LISA -THE MOST FABULOUS WOMAN IN THE WORLD" who was Em's Sensory Int. OT. She specialized in SI kids. It was heaven.

She was the first adult to make me want to hug her when she said "Oh, she eats the Beige diet?" Not - "Have you tried to make her eat the green thing when she is REALLY hungry and not have anything else?"

Thanks Assmunch. I never thought of that. I enjoy my failing daughter puking in restaurants. It really makes my week.

And then along came "LISA!" who said "Let's teach her how to meet that need to lick things without licking people!"

In fact, I think that I am going to write a thank you letter to Lisa tonight. Em had 2 years of solid OT and has been released ( but monitered)