Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Reason # 5,236 Why I Hate Renting This Apartment

The power goes out when it rains.

Not when it storms:

When it rains.

Because the water gets into our electrical system, due to faulty wiring. And no matter how many times I complain about this, the apartment office insists they have already fixed it, and continues to pretend it's not happening.

I am writing this from the slow, crappy computer in my bedroom, because my main computer JUST HAD ITS POWER SUPPLY FRIED, despite being connected to a surge protector, by a light drizzle.

Do you suppose a computer power supply is worth a pound of a property manager's flesh?

Metaphorically speaking, of course.


Dawn said...

Yes. And a pound of chocolate.

Mom101 said...

Stay away from the computer! Read a book!

(I have a crazy fear of being near electronics during storms. Maybe because I was electrocuted once through the phone during a lightning storm.)

Debbie said...

a light *drizzle*? wa-huh? that's beyond luda - oh, crap. that dumb rap artist's name has confounded me as to how to spell it. well, that and a ruined brina.

I want your apartment manager's number so I can call and prank him. a lot. well, pranking is probably out since I can't remember how to disguise my number anymore. what do kids do these days when they get the hankerin' to prank? how sad.

rather than prank your apt. mngr., I'll just silently pray that the rain leaks into his place and ruins his favorite chair.

Debbie said...

er, brain, not brina. I won't extrapolate as to how pathetic that is.

Andrea said...

Yes, have your pound of chocolate (with a glass of wine or a stiff drink of some sort) while you write a nasty letter to the apartment manager threatening to call the city inspectors to have them inspect the wiring of ALL the apartments. If that doesn't work to get the wiring fixed, call the city inspector and tell them you're worried for your safety and the safety of everyone in your building because of the fire hazard. They'll come right out.

Did your computer get totally fried? Or is it salvageable? Because if it's totally fried, in your nasty letter to the apartment manager threatening to call the city inspectors, mention that their negligence has cost you a computer and you'll be sending them a bill for a replacement computer in a few days. If they don't respond, mention you don't have a problem calling a lawyer to get compensation for your computer. If that's not enough, call a lawyer and find out how much it will cost to have them write a demand letter on their letterhead, demanding the replacement cost of the computer and threatening small claims court if the apartment people don't comply. Usually it won't even get that far.

Can you tell my mother-in-law works for a city engineer and my father and sister are lawyers? It comes in handy now and then, like when our builder refused to fix our leak. Yeah, they're fixing it. After a year and a half of hounding.