Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Random Stuff

Okay, so, all those times I said to various doctors, "Gee, do you think that maybe my abdominal muscles might have separated during the pregnancy as is sometimes wont to happen during pregnancy? And that maybe, just maybe, that is one of the sources of my pain?" and the doctors punched me in the gut a couple of times and then said, "Gee, nope, feels fine!"

Well, according to the nice physical therapist woman I saw today, they were wrong. And guess what? I believe her.

Stupid doctors.

That's not all that's wrong with me, though. Oh, no. This is me we're talking about here. Karma does not allow my life to ever be that simple. No, I also have apparently somehow mysteriously fubar-ed one of the muscles that connects the left side of my pelvis to my spine. The nice physical therapist told me the name of this muscle, twice. Once while she was jabbing her thumb into it, and once while she was shocking it with mild electricity. However, surprisingly, I do not remember this name. I think maybe it started with "S," as in, "Shit, that hurts, nice physical therapist woman."

But, seriously, I am SO happy to finally figure out what is wrong with me and be prescribed a reasonable course of treatment that does not involve death or surgery that I would TOTALLY be jumping up and down right now and cheering! If jumping up and down and cheering didn't hurt.

In other news, I am two memes behind. I have been tagged twice in the past month, and so far, the lameness that is me has only posted one small part of one of the memes! But I am working on it. I spent like two hours working on my Summer 1996 post tonight, thinking I would finish it, and then it went off in this totally weird direction I didn't expect it to, and now it's really long. Even for me. I think too long for a blogger attention span. So now I will have to cut it to ribbons, and try to weave something out of the shreds tomorrow morning when I'm not so emotionally attached.

In other other news, I am trying to find a good potty-training related book for my son that doesn't make ME want to puke. Any suggestions?

Finally, please check out my new and slightly improved sidebar! With more blogroll action! It's what I did yesterday instead of posting. Well, that, and reading 500 million other blogs.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you finally have a diagnosis and can start to get better.

Now, go punch one of those doctors in the gut.

Perstephone said...

I know how it can be to go so long without someone being able to tell you what's going on with your body, so a big cheers to a diagnosis and new course of acton!! I hope you're jumping up and down again soon!

Andrea said...

Yay, nice physical therapist woman!

Debbie said...

I'm relieved that you're not going to quit us anytime soon to due a health-related issue. I'm *really* glad for you about the diagnosis being reparable. I'm disappointed that you didn't post the (in your mind, overlong) entry about summer, 1996. being one of your biggest fans means I get all sad and crumply when it's been a long time since you've posted, so I feel that it's only fair that you make it up to us by posting (what may seem overlong to you) in your grandiose, absorbing, wonderful-to-read fashion.

yeah. I said it.

Lisa said...

I hope all goes well now that you've got an answer....

Hey what about getting together July 29th would that work. Lunch? Let me know.

Anonymous said...

very funny. good stuff. good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! You linked me!! Thats so cool....oh and I hope your stomach feels better. At least now you know...