Thursday, August 24, 2006

Man Plans, Fate Decides. Woman Gets Stuck Working Her Butt Off Regardless.

So, I didn't finish my aforementioned post yet because my husband told me at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday that he had decided that instead of leaving on Friday morning for our weekend at the family lake house, we would leave around noon on Thursday.

(Because, I mean, I won't care a whit if he totally changes our weekend plans on practically no notice without consulting me beforehand, because I stay home and therefore have no life, and nothing to schedule, right?


Anyway, I had to pack four (not three) days' worth of clothes for three people, pack four (not three) days' worth of food for The Boy Who Only Eats Twenty Things*, and re-pot my wimpy, suddenly-claiming-to-be-rootbound basil plants so they wouldn't die of dehydration while I was gone on Wednesday night, a day earlier than I had originally thought I had to. And then Thursday morning, under a calm, mild, sunny sky, my power went out.

You think I'm joking? No.

It did come back on, but after that I was afraid to turn on anything. So I didn't. And then we left.

However, Husband brought the laptop on our little excursion, and it turns out there is in fact wireless internet access out here on the lake. So, hey, maybe Nature will inspire me, and I'll finish the post sometime this weekend.

I thank my legions of (eight) adoring fans for the encouragement, by the way, but when I say the post is not finished, I mean, not only is it not polished: it has no end. So it would not make sense if I just slapped it up. But I do really appreciate your apparent desire to read even my really bad unfinished writing :)

*Twenty, it must be noted, is a marked improvement over five. Hallowed are the OTs.


Awesome Mom said...

I will be holding my breath untill you finish it, so you had better hurry up before I pass out. Hehe!

Debbie said...

Jaelithe, I would read your words if they were covered in a viscous, black substance, buried beneath a submerged tank the size of the Chrysler building, that was itself lying under the foundation for a Bio-Dome covering the state of Rhode Island.

I'm not kidding.

(okay. I am a *little* kidding. also, my name is Borat.)

Andrea said...

Yay for twenty! Yay for wireless internet! Yay for weekends at the lake! (Or for me, weekends floating down a river people watching. Oh yeah, posts upon posts of blog fodder. Tune in next week!)

Boo for husbands who do that changing crap! Boo! Boo for power outages!

Yay for you adapting to it all!

And boo for you not giving yourself enough credit. You write beautifully. You prove it with every post. Now, if only we could get you to believe it.

Finally got this posted! Blogger's pissy this morning. She went out last night and got drunk, found a respectable young man to hit on only to find out he was interested in her friend Typepad, who is sleeker, friendlier, and frankly, has more to offer with her categories. She watched while her Respectable Man chose Typepad over her. Which I'm about to do, because I'M SICK OF BLOGGER PROBLEMS!

Lisa said...

Yeay for OT's. Seth dipped a french fry into ketchup last night. We almost passed out from excitment. I know. How pathetic is that? But when you've got an extremely picky kid... Even something that silly feels like such a HUGE accomplishment! SO I can completely understand!

I am with ANdrea in Booo-ing your hubby for the last minute changes. That extra day also usually means an extra load of laundry because you'll realize you have enough CLEAN clothes for 3 days but not four.

Her Bad Mother said...

Posts that have no end? Have you read my blog?

Slap 'em up, sister. Needs me some good readin'.