Sunday, April 13, 2008

Someone Call Mike Huckabee

And tell him there's come good eatin' in my back yard if only he'll bring his own BB gun and a BBQ grill.

In one week, our friendly neighborhood squirrels, in some sort of spring-induced frenzy, have chewed off HALF of one of our trashcan lids (which, mind you, already had a convenient squirrel access hole that had been chewed last season), and gnawed a four-inch by three-inch hole through tough, quarter-inch thick acrylic to get to about a quarter cup of seed inside a bird feeder (seed which they then apparently chose not to eat, preferring to dump it on the ground).

Apparently, they're just not getting enough plastic in their diet.

They weren't nearly this bad last year. Any suggestions?


Awesome Mom said...

Metal trash cans? Sheesh you would think that all that plastic would kill them.

StLmom said...

That's wild because we had a really fat squirrel chew a huge hole in our trashcan lid last week, too. In fact, when the can was empty, a squirrel got trapped in there. I'm afraid someone is going to get bit taking out the trash. I hope someone has a suggestion for what to do about these tree rats!

Kim said...

My trash cans have been ravaged this year too. Must be something in the plastics. Do they make Kevlar trash can lids?

Anonymous said...

EVERY TIME I throw the trash in the dumpster a frillion squirrels fly out; they dig up my bulbs and they chewed on part of out door mat. Squirrels are IGNORANT.

Craig Mayhem said...

There is no solution. You can pay a dude with a lot of traps a lot of money to catch them, but they always come back.

I don't like guns, but I'm really considering a slingshot or pellet gun or bazooka for my squirrels.

sweatpantsmom said...

We were attacked by a gang of squirrels once while camping - they ate a huge hole in our 'food tent' and stole all of our junk food. Made me want to kill 'em.

(I did a post on Huckabee and his squirrel habit ( ) Did you know he fried them in a POPCORN POPPER?

Lisa said...

I try to think of them as mamas just trying to feed their babies.

That works for about five minutes, and then they become annoying again.

Metal trash cans.