Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Momocrats Exclusive with Barack Obama

So, the ABC Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, with its tabloid focus on tangential, media-manufactured campaign "controversies" that have nothing to do with the actual concerns of American citizens made me really, really angry.

But rather than expressing my anger by investing in voodoo dolls of Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulous, I decided to put that frustrated energy to good use by asking my fellow bloggers over at Momocrats what questions they wished had been asked at the debate. I organized those questions by topic, and edited some of them for clarity. At the suggestion of the group, I added in some reader questions that had been submitted to us previously. And then I wrote this post.

The rest of Momocrats crew thought it would be a good idea to forward our questions to the Clinton and Obama campaigns.

And today, you can read the Obama campaign's response.

Barack Obama answered five of our questions.

Hillary Clinton? The ball is in your court.

(And, ABC? I am available to host This Week, if you promise to provide on-site childcare.)


Jakki said...

You SO rock...

Karianna said...

But voodoo dolls are FUN!

Anonymous said...

Go you!