Friday, May 02, 2008

My Victory Gardens, Part Two

Read Part One.

During my pregnancy with my son, on the verge of new motherhood, in the midst of my joy at prospect welcoming a new life, I found myself, as I think many women in that position do, more acutely aware than I ever had been before of the worst aspects of the world I would be bringing my child into, and helplessly anxious regarding my certain inadequacy as to act as a permanent shield against heartbreak and danger.

Driven by some nascent maternal desire to create an orderly, welcoming corner in an endlessly uncertain world, I started gardening in earnest during my pregnancy.

The apartment my husband and I shared at the time was tiny, and lacked a yard, but I was determined. I filled our tiny balcony with a motley collection of pots, and planted them with herbs and tomatoes.

The tomatoes didn't last long in such a confined spot, with a lack of good sunlight; after months of clinging tenuously, they succumbed to spider mites. But the herbs flourished, and soon I had a minature forest on my balcony. I was officially a gardener.

And every place we've lived thereafter, I've found a place to create a spot of green, for a boy whose fifth word was flower.


R said...

Ok, that is the sweetest photo of Isaac. I love it.

AND, you'll be so proud of me. . . I believe I will be growing my own basil this year, for the first time ever.

Anonymous said...

I love fresh produce, and I love the idea of growing my own, but in the end, I am just waaay too lazy. However, your writing about gardens may motivate me to try again. Oh, and go Momocrats!