Tuesday, July 01, 2008





(Alternate Title: Death to All Sunflower-Eating Rabbits. Except They Are So Fuzzy and Cute. Why Are Ruthless Engines of Destruction Fuzzy and Cute?)



Awesome Mom said...

Looking good! I am of two minds about the bunny that visits us. I know that my boys love to watch it, but I also know that next year we will be putting in a real garden with tempting and tasty plants. I am oh so tempted to catch the bunny and have some stew in anticipation of the carnage it will wreck on my garden.

Kim said...

I now have the Heinz Ketchup song running through my head. Sorry about your sunflowers.

Lisa said...

I can loan you an Abbeydog. She loves to chase the rabbits away. She'd get exercise and you wouldn't have any bunnies around.See? Win-win! (Course you would have ginormous amounts of dog hair rolling along like tumble weed.)

The 'maters look great.

Jaelithe said...

I am seriously considering borrowing a dog.

If anyone has a dog that enjoys feasting on rabbit, call me.

Keep in mind that my rusty old chainlink is only four feet tall, though, so I can't take jumpers.

Anonymous said...

I have a dog that is part Lab, part Beagle. She can't resist chasing ANYTHING that moves.

The fence would be a bit of a problem, although I can guarantee she wouldn't stop going after the rabbit until they were many blocks away, or dead...regardless of whether they wiggled through the fence or not!