Monday, July 21, 2008

Conversations with a Four-Year-Old: Bees

CHILD flutters one hand near MOTHER'S face.

CHILD : Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bizzzzzzz. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

MOTHER: Is that a bee?


MOTHER: Oh, my goodness. Is this a nice bee or a scary bee?

CHILD: It's a nice bee.

MOTHER: Oh, that's good. So I don't have to be scared? Does it give kisses instead of stinging people?

CHILD rolls eyes.

CHILD: No. It doesn't give kisses. It pollinates flowers.


CHILD: It just visited one flower, and now it's going to visit another flower. And now that flower will be pollinated. And then it grows other plants.

MOTHER: Right.


Anonymous said...

so isaac can come to my house and teach me all about the natural world.

years ago, i was at a barbeque where this gal jen was there with her 1 year old son. i thought he was the most adorable thing and wanted to babysit for him, so i began playing with him to prove to jen how good i was with kids.

he had brought some toys with him, lots of different animals and such. so i picked up one, and said, "look mclain, it's a fish!" and jen replied, "well, actually it's a whale." so i picked up another one and said, "look mclain, a cat!" and jen just looked at me and said, "uhm, it's a tiger."

so then my mom walked over, picks up one of the animals, and goes, "mclain, look! it's a bird!" and jen said, "yeeeeeaaah that's an eagle."

so i can totally blame my mom for my lack of animal skillz. . . but perhaps isaac could help me out before i pass along this ignorance to any of my kids.

Farrell said...

yeah, that's the problem with child prodigies. !:)
"pollinate." sheesh.

Kim said...

Hey, at least he knows about the bees. Now he just needs to know about the birds. heh!

Debbie said...

i miss you.

Anonymous said...

That was followed by a silent "duh," wasn't it? Little Man talks to me like this all the time. I swear he thinks I'm an idiot... ;)

the mad momma said...

he knows the word pollinate? he understands? you're just a fantastic teacher J...