Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A DNC '08 Postcard for Stephen Colbert

Hey, Stephen:

That's my husband eating a real Denver omelette while actually in Denver.

I have so many stories to tell about my trip. But I'm crazy busy writing for MOMocrats. Here are some highlights:

On our way to Denver, one of our tires blew out on the highway in rural Kansas outside a small town called Hays. It was Saturday evening at around 6:30. We do not have a full-sized spare.

As we were frantically trying to get some totally clueless people at our insurance company to give us a number for a tow company (they oh-so-helpfully offered a number to a tow company on the opposite side of the state), a Kansas state trooper stopped to help us. He pulled out a power ratchet and helped us put the donut on in half the time it might have taken us otherwise. His intervention got us to the only open tire store, the local Walmart Tire Center, just before they closed.

The Walmart people actually installed a new tire in less than an hour, and they did it correctly. (I attribute this miraculous moment of good service to the fact that this was a rural Walmart. You may not know this if you have never been to one, but rural Walmarts are usually actually staffed by competent people. So, thanks to the incredibly kind people of Hays for getting some city folk to Denver.

(Except for YOU, not-so-closet white supremacist dude. over at the next table at the pancake house we stopped at there for dinner. Upon noticing our Obama pins, you started talking to your companion accidentally-on-purpose-too-loudly about how "I know there are some people in the KKK who are not gonna let this happen, not that I want them to do anything of course, but you know that they will." Guess what, dude? You're not fooling anyone. Everyone knows you're a racist jerk. Dumbass.)

In Denver we are staying with an AWESOME hostess, Renee, who is a fan of the MOMocrats. Not only did this woman open her beautiful Craftsman home to a strange family she had never met in person, but she also stayed up until two in the morning to let us in after we were exceedingly delayed by the exploding tire incident. She has been granted permanent honorary MOMocrat status.

I have now run into Donna Brazile (as in, walked within a foot of her) five times. Yet none of those times have I been able to actually speak to her.

I was forced to decide on Wednesday between having lunch with Howard Dean, and having lunch with Hillary Clinton. (I chose Clinton.)

Isaac fell down a flight of concrete stairs right before the Clinton lunch, and really banged up his ear. The top of his ear immediately turned blue and swelled up to double it's size. I almost didn't go to the lunch, but John insisted he would take care of Isaac. The whole time I was at the lunch, I was worried about my son. Because of this, I didn't actually talk to Hillary Clinton at all.

When I saw Isaac after the lunch was over, the swelling was down and his ear barely looked scraped.

I went to the First Americans Caucus meeting today. I am fairly certain I was the only press person there not employed by a Native American advocacy group. This is not because the press do not go to caucus meetings. When I was at a Youth Caucus meeting earlier, there were tons of press there.

This pissed me off.

I am going to blog the hell out of that First Americans Caucus meeting on MOMocrats. Count on it.

Tomorrow I am going to see Barack Obama's speech at Invesco Field. I have no idea what to wear.


Kim said...

So jealous of your experience.

Anonymous said...

first of all--- a state trooper AND walmart employees who were BOTH helpful? i'm amazed, seriously shocked.

second--- i'm sadly not too surprised at white supremicist asshole.

third--- i heard rumors donna brazille was shaking her groove thang. can you confirm or deny?

fourth--- poor isaac. i love that kid, as i continually remind you.

fifth--- "this pissed me off" most brilliantly succinct line ever.