Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike Isn't Finished Yet

Flooding from Ike:

This is not Texas.

This is not Louisiana.

This is Florissant, Missouri, just north of St. Louis.

This is two miles from my house.


Linlee said...

I hope your house didn't get flooded. I am off work for the time being. We had 4-6" of water in our showroom (Manchester & Hanley), all our computer (that sat on the floor) are ruined, our phone system is shot and our delivery trucks were under water. I have a feeling it's going to be awhile until I go back to work.

Jaelithe said...

That sucks! My house is fine. A little water seepage in the basement, but I would not call it a flood. But there are a lot of areas in my neighborhood where the flooding was really bad.

Christina said...

Wow. It's just amazing to see that much water in a neighborhood. Glad you stayed dry!

We got all of Ike's winds, but none of the rain. Most of the schools are closed in Columbus tomorrow because of wind damage and massive power outages.

Anonymous said...

My mom says they've had high winds that blew shingles off all the houses in the neighborhood, and no power for 6 hours. That's in OHIO. Ike sucks. Glad you are all ok and the water is in the basement and not the house.

JessiTRON said...

Wow! Great photos. Our power was out for 12 hours, but that's a common occurrence at our house. (Go Ameren.)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I grew up on Lynn Haven, in Hazelwood. I can't believe that is Lindbergh!