Monday, May 01, 2006

Copycat Bathroom Expose

Wow! I used to be a halfway serious photographer, but I've never realized until today how freakin' hard it is to get decent photos in a bathroom! Seriously! Especially when you have dim, crappy, cheap, circa 1980 light fixtures and enormous mirrors (which tend to screw up your flash).

So, because I totally don't have time today to mess around until I get some decent shots out of my cheap-ass digital point-and-shoot, you'll just have to deal with crappy ones! Bwa ha ha!

I am ganking this post idea from Dawn of I Am Doing the Best I Can, who ganked it from Fancypants. Each of these ladies boldly went where few bloggers have gone before by showing the internet world the contents of her bathroom. However, because we really like to go all-out here at The State of Discontent when copping other bloggers' old ideas due to lack of inspiration, I today will lead you on a guided tour through TWO-- that's right, count 'em-- TWO bathrooms!

Bathroom Number One:

Nice, isn't it? Clean? Inviting? This is what we like to call the "Guest Bathroom."

Of course, it's also where Isaac generally takes his baths. What, you say? This doesn't look like a kid's bathroom? Au contraire. Just pull back that curtain there:

Or open a drawer in the sink cabinet:

Since it's Isaac's bathroom and he spends a lot of time in there, we don't keep much in the cabinet under the sink. Just gallons of water, for use in the event of that disaster I just know is impending, a hot water bottle, and, oh. A little extra toilet paper. Also in case of disaster. You just never know, right?

All right, all right, I hear you. I know what you're saying: "But Jae, come on. You're a chick. We know you've got it. Don't be a tease. Just show us.

"Where's the PRODUCT?"

Bathroom Number Two:

What better way to pay tribute to the blogger you copped a post idea from than to do the entire photo series while showing off your "tatas" in a fashionable baby-doll T-Shirt she added to her "B-List Blogger" Cafepress collection just for you?

Hmmm. Might I be, perhaps, a lotion junkie? A connoisseur of body sprays?

Note, though, that nearly all of these products were bought on sale, at Target, or on sale at Target. Because I may be a product addict, but I am a CHEAP product addict.

Note also my penchant for re-using plastic containers. Hey, our neighborhood has no recycling service, and I have guilt. (And again, I'm cheap). Ten points to the first parent of a child under five who can identify the original contents of those three tall, stylish plastic containers with blue lids on the second shelf! They now hold cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc.

(I know you see that pregnancy test box in there, but no, people, I am NOT pregnant, nor am I currently trying to get pregnant. I am just exceedingly paranoid ;) )

Like Dawn, I apparently have a phobia of running out of "feminine hygiene" accessories. And Olay Daily Facials.

Also, if you'll look closely, you'll see that I have both a package of Clorox sanitizing wipes and a package of generic window cleaning wipes in my sink cabinet. This is so I can clean the bathroom without ever leaving it. Because if I leave the bathroom while cleaning it, someone will invariably interrupt me, and I will never finish cleaning.

There's also a little water jet thingy in there from Homedics that's supposed to turn your regular old bathtub into a relaxing "Water Spa," but considering that I've gotten to take about two tub baths in the past year, it's not seen much action . . .

So, that's the tour. Next up: The Linen/Utility/Bulk Cosmetics/Natural Disaster Preparedness Closet.


Dawn said...

I was just laughing so hard that terrance wandered in to ask what the hell was so funny. And then I had to try to explain and he said "You took pictures of our BATHROOM", which made me laugh harder.

And the tatas look good!

Andrea said...

It's true you can tell a lot about a person by their bathroom. But I have to say, I think you're more organized than you'll give yourself credit for. Very insightful.

Lisa said...

Ahhhhggg You are what I suspected all along... A skinny girl with great hair and cool specs!

Debbie said...

Jaelith, I may have to jump on your (and the others') train. That's some fun. And by fun, I mean "looks like it's time to finally clean the bathroom(s) this year." Is there nothing more motivating for cleaning than knowing people are going to be peering into the depths of your medicine cabinet? Entertaining is really just an excuse to give the house a thorough wipe-down. Therefore, look for *my* water closet expose in about 6 months or more (if not much, much more). And thank you, thank you, thank you for dropping by my lil blog suite and saying the supportive things I've been ACHING to hear for so very many months. Words are insufficient, here. Just know that I am grateful.

Peter said...

This is indeed a very strange new form of exhibitionism ... I highly doubt that I can jump on that bandwagon anytime soon. Also our baths are really small but high ... hard to take pics ...

I am not too worried about dirt, there is always photoshop :)

And where the heck are the advertized 'tatas' ? :D

Jaelithe said...

Peter, if you read closely you will see that I advertised that I would show off the tatas IN the shirt, not OUT of the shirt :P

Don't you see me there hiding behind the cosmetic products in that sixth photo? With the tatas? I mean, sure, they may be small, but that's why I got the babydoll t-shirt! ;)

Jaelithe said...

BTW, thanks for the compliments, ladies-- I've been having an "I feel fat" month because I've recently discovered I can't fit into one of my fav pairs of jeans anymore (though my husband keeps insisting they've shrunk-- such a dear).

And Lisa, I saw those pictures of you from your ski trip, and I do believe that "skinny" would apply to you as well . . .

Mom101 said...

I hope that bathtub didn't just say METS...

Jaelithe said...

Actually, originally it said "Walking Mets." I have no idea why. My husband gives my son his bath, and he likes to put up bizarre messages . . . But I doubt it had anything to do with supporting the team.

(Hey, we're in the 'Lou. We're Cardinals fans, dontcha know. It's mandatory here, along with pretending to enjoy provel cheese on cardboard that pretends to be pizza, and saying "Highway Farty-Far").

Peter said...

and i thought I was missing something .. like this one infamous picture that showed up on ebay a long time ago .. a lady was selling a chrome teapot ... not knowing that the detail view would reveal her reflection ... she should have gotten dressed before taking those pics :)