Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thanks, Julius!

International child model Isaac, in Okaidi.

At a recent photo shoot, Isaac confided to a group of photographers that from now on he will insist that all of his t-shirts be imported from Europe.

A close friend of Isaac confirms the handsome, precocious youngster remarked, "It has been my experience that European designers tend to show a much greater attention to fine detail than American designers when creating casual clothes."

But when asked if an exclusive promotion deal with Okaidi might be in the works, our secret source's lips remained sealed, reporting only: "Isaac is working on a number of exciting new projects this year."

(Thanks for sending us a birthday gift all the way from Italy, Nacken Family!)


Lisa said...

He is so beautiful!

Hey, would you be interested in getting together for drinks with me and a few other St.L bloggers? I'm putting out some "feelers" for now to see if there's some interest.

Jaelithe said...

But of course I am most interested in drinks with other bloggers. Most definitely indeed!

Other bloggers! Come have drinks with us!

Dawn said...

You do know that Emily only wore hanna andersson for the first three years, cause they were the only things she didn't find irritating and scratchy.

Damn these SI kinds and their penchant for expensive european fashion.

Debbie said...

hot, hott, hottt!

awwww - your sweet, little redheaded man is scrumptious. :)

Andrea said...

Too cute! Maybe he could come over and teach mine how to smile for the camera!

Drinks? I'm in for drinks, depending on when. You know, the hub's schedule and crap.