Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'll Never Go Iceless Again

(Please imagine me saying that in a determined, sultry southern accent for full effect. Not that I sound southern. I'm from the midwest. I sound like the people on TV news programs, only with fuzzier enunciation and inferior gravitas. But let's pretend I can do a southern accent, okay?)

My freezer has seven freezer packs and two bags of ice in it (made from my own freezer ice machine).

My spanking-new 60 qt "Keeps ice frozen for up to five days in 90 degree heat!" cooler has three bags of ice in it (purchased last night when the power went out, just in case it didn't come back on).

I am making more ice with my freezer ice machine as we speak. You know, to offer the neighbors.

And the "possibly severe" weather forecast for tonight/tomorrow?

Bring it, wind bitches.

(Just please please don't knock my house down, because I don't have a basement to cower in, okay? Do you think you could negotiate with the nice wind bitches about that on my behalf, Melissa?)


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at "bring it, wind bitches"!!

Yes, I think with the right offering I could negotiate with the wind bitches on your behalf.

Or you can hide with me in my basement (for reals!). I have blankets, a radio, a flashlight, and bourbon.

(ha! the word verification for my comment is: uwtch. I read it as, You witch!)

Creative-Type Dad said...

When I's always in a southern accent. And I'm not even southern.

Lisa said...

Come to my house. We have a guest room if you need it.

You are sassy.

Our neighbor's hubby is a superintendant at Ameren UE. Apparently their workers are just mnetally and physically exhausted.

So I hope for you, your neighbors, the rest of the area and the employees at Ameren that all goes well.

Lisa said...

Saw your comment on Pickleness about how your son is doing really well with his Oc stuff. COngrats to you. It is alot of work but is SO WORTH it!

We worked on that stuff every day when Seth was little too. And in one year he caught up. He didn't need any services once he turned 3. Sounds like Issac will be the same way -- actually probably even better.

We finally were able to take Seth on a vacation with us this winter. And it was so much fun. He slept well, ate well. We would have never been able to do that had it not been for the oc therapist, her guidance and all of the work we put into the program.

So KUDOS to you and Issac. So happy and proud of you both!

Jaelithe said...

Well, Isaac still has a long way to go with his eating, but we've made a lot of progress. I hope he can do as well as Seth!

It will help if Michelle makes it back from maternity leave soon. Pleeeeeeease, Michelle . . .

Her Bad Mother said...

Okay, at risk of echoing the masses, 'bring it, wind bitches' brought my house down.

Anonymous said...

"As Gawd as muh witness, Iylluh nevah drink tepid Diet Squirt Agayn-uh."

Dawn said...

The wind bitches were in Montreal last night...I spoke to them for you. Firmly.

Anonymous said...

I'm really jealous about the heat situation, the heat wave where I am is gone!

Came by ermm.. I FORGOT THE LINK! :)