Friday, August 04, 2006

Thank You, Husband

For teaching our child the phrase:

"My butt got stuck."

Which I am now absolutely certain he will repeat constantly for at least three days.


Cristina said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I couldn't agree more. I think it is completely unhealthy that we, as a society, have this attitute towards breastfeeding. I personally don't even care if a woman wants to show her whole breast, nipple and all. (Although I can see why some people would be uncomfortable with this.)

Anyway, I don't mean to hijack your blog with my response back.

What I really want to know is why does your husband use that phrase in the first place?? LOL

Her Bad Mother said...

Um, context? Whose butt? WHERE?

Lisa said...

Or maybe repeat for the next two weeks. heehee.

Andrea said...

Days? You're looking at months.

the mad momma said...

sigh.. yes.. that is what husbands do.. didnt you know? that is their reason to exist... if they didnt corrupt ur child they would be very very bored and dissatisfied with their existence.

ephelba said...

Sometimes I hear my Boy's sarcasm and whatnot and think, What have I done? Other times I think "This is all his father's fault." Case in point (from my husband's blog):

Debbie said...

why don't you live nearby so I can share in the bliss that is hearing your son utter those words?


Linlee said...

Too funny! I can't wait until I have kids

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is an opportunity to teach your son about assonance.

Hahahahaha! I kill me! ASS-onance. Hahahahaha. Get it? Butt? Stuck? ASSonance? Hahahaha.

Dwight dabs the tears from the corner of his eyes

Oh, genius, thy name is Dwight.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Now wait until he starts calling his man parts "balls." Loudly. Or "scrote," which is what he learned this weekend.
Save me.