Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An Addendum to My Previous Letter (See Below)

P.S. It is so nice to see that you finally shoveled and salted the walks throughout the complex today, six days after the snow-and-ice storm, and three business days after electricity was restored to the complex. Seeing as how much of the snow on the walks had already melted yesterday, it's nice to know you were still willing to put forth a half-hearted, belated effort to show you can pretend you want to keep your residents safe. And here I was fully on the point of buying an industrial-sized snow shovel and fifty pounds of salt so I could clear the walks myself!

I am sure that if my blind, partially deaf elderly next door neighbor who walks with a cane managed to work up the courage to try to walk more than a step past his front door over the past few days, he had great fun slipping and sliding around as he attempted to navigate the ice-encrusted walks. Way to keep an old blind man on his toes!


mad muthas said...

snow! SNOW? send it our way - or at least to france, please (preferably before we go skiing)

Anonymous said...

dude, you have to get outta that place.

Anonymous said...


My office is the same way. Two years ago one of my all-time favorite coworkers (She's pushing 70, still working, has had 12 kids and has the most gentle temperament ever!) fell and broke her hip on the ice and they still do a shoddy job of making the parking lot decent. I don't think people like that will ever learn.

Alanna Kellogg said...

Hi Jaelithe ~ (Okay so now that I can pronounce it, thanks for the tips! the question is, Can I spell it too? I think I've got it!)

And how did I miss you too, just saw your note on Mamalogues, including how you've noticed that BlogHer is doing ads for charities now. We are! Lisa Stone, one of the BlogHer founders, wrote about it here . It's a great community, I hope you'll join if you haven't yet. And the ad network will open back up in the new year, you should think about it.

Mitzi Green said...

jesus tapdancing christ. i say you paint all the walls black before you turn in the keys. black's a bitch to paint over.

and i feel your pain. here in kc, the ice storm in '02 left me without power--and crazy--for EIGHT F'ING DAYS. that's a long ass time to go without heat, lights, your 3 month old who has been shipped to your parents' house an hour north to avoid being eaten like a donner party participant, all while living with an asshole.

so yeah, i feel ya.