Monday, December 04, 2006

The Letter I Wish I Were Sending to My Leasing Office

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I will not be renewing our lease ending January 31st 2007. We are purchasing a house, and plan to vacate our current apartment by the end of January.

Incidentally, our new residence will have a fully functioning stove and microwave, and, according to our home inspector, does not appear to have faulty wiring that causes the power to go out in a drizzle, faulty plumbing that causes water to gush through the fan in the bathroom ceiling, squirrels in the ventilation system, a chronic ant infestation problem, or a chronic carpenter bee infestation problem, all of which were definite selling points compared to our current abode.

Thanks for nothing,

Ms. Jaelithe J.


Mom101 said...

Ugh, so sorry! For what it's worth, I'm now going from happy homeownership back into the world of rentals. Sigh.

Pendullum said...

oooohhhh... Sounds horrible!!!!

Rebecca said...

I can't beleive you put up with that stuff for so long and stayed sane.

I hope it works out for you.

Anonymous said...

Are you any closer to a house without those problems?

Is there anything legally you could do to make the landlord fix all those problems? I know legal=expensive, usually.

Jaelithe said...

Well, Andrea, I am moving out this month or next, so any legal action would just be a hassle at this point.

There is not much I can do to force the landlord to fix things other than suing the company that owns the property, which would probably cost me more money than I would get. Missouri law does allow me to withhold up to half of one month's rent to make repairs on things that are not up to city code, but I can only do that once a year, and the repairs that need to be made on this place are far more than half one months' rent.

I can, however, report the company to the Better Business Bureau, and write bad reviews about them on apartment review websites, which I intend to do when I leave.

I can also complain about them on the blog using the real full name of the complex, after I leave. Search for Cardinal Glennon Feeding Team or "Overstock overcharge" on Google if you want to see why that would be a bad, bad thing for my apartment complex's internet reputation ;)

Anonymous said...

So you did find a house?

Yeah, I realized after posting that how moot a point it would be.

I remember your overstock post. It was the first one I read and so sarcastically funny that I had to keep coming back to read more.

Anonymous said...

At least your escaping the 'slum'...

We have landlord 'issues' as well right now. Sigh.