Friday, December 01, 2006

Deja Vu

Read this.

Switch summer to winter; switch record highs to single digit lows; keep the whole half a million homes in my city without power, some possibly for days, thing.

Oh, and mine is one of them.


See you when the electric company decides my apartment is as important as the video store across the street . . .


Anonymous said...

and which 3rd world country is it that you live again ???

You have to admit ... video stores are more important (not that any neighbors could enjoy the DVDs .. with no power on) ...

I hope your heating is not based on electricity and at least your food is not going to spill ... stove is gas or e ?

Anonymous said...

spill / spoil
tomatoes / potatoes

i should not type at 5:30 AM

Jaelithe said...

Ah, our food will not spoil because we put it in a giant cooler on the patio, which is currently colder than any refrigerator.

However, our apartment is all-electric, including the heater and the water heater, so we are currently not staying there (we don't even have a fireplace to put a fire in there . . .)

Anonymous said...

How incredibly frustrating.

Hope they get their act together soon. Really soon.

Lisa said...

YUCK! I feel for you. (And now am so thankful our powerlines are underground!)

MrsFortune said...

Gah, I was wondering about you and also Midwestern Mommy when I heard this on the news earlier.

And, um, who could watch movies without any power????

Anonymous said...

Soon, your real estate adventures will take you to a place that loses power with far less frequency. If not, I'll smite the power company into compliance.