Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mama's Still Got It

Yesterday, as I stepped out onto the front porch with Isaac to enjoy the lovely weather, a gaggle of pre-teen neighbor girls gathered in my front yard to ogle Isaac, offer small presents of leaves and rocks to Isaac, and ask whether they could pick Isaac up. His red hair has been quite a hit amongst the little girls of the neighborhood ever since we moved in.

One of them, who I hadn't met before, asked whether I was Isaac's babysitter.

"I'm the mom," I responded. "I'm 26."

She looked me up and down, eyes wide, and shook her head. "No. Way."

I'd like to thank Olay Daily Facials, jeans with added spandex, my sense of humor, and the fact that gray hairs blend when you're a dishwater blonde.


Ruth Dynamite said...

Cherish this moment, my friend, and remember it forever and always.

Awesome Mom said...

lol The grays also blend pretty good when you wear your hair long. I am scared to cut mine now.

bren j. said...

Hah! I love it!
The first time our new furnace guy (yes, we get it fixed often enough to actually HAVE a "Furnace Guy") came, he asked if my DAD was home!
We've talked enough now and I think I must finally look pregnant enough that he's figured it out.
Aren't we lucky though?

Anonymous said...

Great .. and I am being called 'sir' already ... guess you age more gracefully :) Congrats on that (plus, you are indeed still young!)

the mad momma said...

Modesty is to be discarded at this point!!! I would be thrilled if someone said that to me. Once wrote a post on ppl asking me if I wasn't too young to have two kids.... enjoy it!!!