Thursday, March 15, 2007


So, Debbie of I Obsess awarded me one of them there fancy shiny Thinking Blogger Awards!

(Like, a whole week ago.

I am bad.)

I would like to thank Miss Little Debbie Snack kindly, and hereby pass the Thinking Blogger baton to:

Alanna at A Veggie Venture, because she thinks a lot about vegetables. Like, so that the rest of us can steal her ideas for new and exciting ways to cook vegetables. And I LOVES me some vegetables.

Dwight at Ruminations of a Misspent Youth. Because he not only recently finished a novel, which requires a good deal of thought, but he spends hours writing posts that encourage other people to finish novels. Even horrible, terrible people like me who promise to meet him sometime for a critique and then get too busy with moving and fixing up a new house and disappear. And also because I think he has one of the cleverest blog titles EVAH.

Benticore at Epic Black Villainy, because he can make a critique of a comic book character's story arc sound like a treatise on 18th century literature, in a GOOD way.

Melissa at Sugared Harpy, because sometimes she sneaks in an art history lesson on her blog and no one in her virtual class falls asleep.

And Slackermommy, because in a world where it seems mothers are constantly judged over the pettiest things, she reminds us to focus on the truly important aspects of parenting, and forget the crumbs on the floor.


Slackermommy said...

Awww, thank you honey for the nomination.

Her Bad Mother said...

Debbie's got good tast. Real good taste. So do you.

Lisa said...

Yeay for all of these bloggers. Wonderful and thinking indeed!

And yeah to YOU for being wonderful and thoughtful too!

Debbie said...

you got one of the fanciest thinkers I done ever run into. (in the cyber-manner of running into, that is.)


Ruth Dynamite said...

Great choice! Look forward to checking out the others, too!