Monday, July 07, 2008

Interview with Margaret Donnelly

Just wanted to give anyone who might be interested a heads up that I recently interviewed Margaret Donnelly, the first woman ever to run for Missouri Attorney General, over at MOMocrats. And today I also brought up the subject of politics over at The St. Louis Bloggers Guild.


Local readers, I have a question for you: which Missouri (or Iowan, Kansan, Nebraskan, or Illinoisan) politician would you like me to stalk interview next?

(Local politicians who may be reading this, if you'd like me to interview you, please feel free to chime in. Except for you, Shamed Dogan. I don't interview people I went to high school with.)

(It's for the greater good that I don't. Really.)


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some questions with Kathleen Sebelius. I know I'm not a Kansan anymore, but I like her, and I like to know what's going on in my parent's state.

I would say go after my governor in Illinois, but he's probably following the last one to jail, so the only question I have for him is, "Why?" Isn't that sad?

Lisa said...

Matt Blunt. I want you to interview him. Pretty please? Ask him if his butt has healed from all of the ass-chewing he got over trying to cancel First Steps years ago.

Awesome Mom said...

Where do you get those traps that you mentioned on my blog? Can I find then at a local store?

Michelle said...

I actaully have two..
1) Andria Simckes
Democrat running for State Treasurer.

2) Senator Gibbons
He proposed SB 711 and I know we need property tax reform, but this is not it.

Let me know if you get either of them, I promise to keep. I read you post over at the Guild (great job).

*Just to second Lisa's comment
Blunt was a total screw up for his First Steps shannagons. I personally used First Steps for my son 7 yrs ago, GREAT program.
I would love to see his EMAIL, too.

Anonymous said...

Try Dan O'Sullivan. He's running for State Rep 73rd district. It's Clayton, Richmond Heights, Maplewood, etc. and Margaret Donnally's district.

He's running as a Republican even though the Republican Party has pretty much give up on the district because it is so strongly Democrat.

The two Dem's running are Steve Brown and Stacey Newman. Would be interesting to compare them with Margaret Donnelly and see if or how things change for the next generation.