Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No More Mrs. Nice Lefty

Okay, remember my last post? The one where I was being all democratic and non-partisan, giving you links to local board of elections sites with information about the candidates and issues involved in today's election, encouraging you all to vote no matter your affiliation?

Yeah, see, here's the thing about true liberals (and note that I didn't say Democrat-- I said liberal), the thing that makes it so hard for us to "win": We value other people's opinions. We appreciate diversity. We believe in the power of democracy. We want everyone to have an opportunity to have their voices heard.

Embracing a diversity of opinion and promoting everyone's right to participate in their own government are core liberal values.

That's one reason why, if you're a liberal, underhanded, illegal tactics like this are gonna piss you off.

But you know what? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I believe most of my conservative friends should be pissed off by this too.

Because I know many true conservatives out there also believe in honesty, and fair elections.

So I ask you, my readers, all of you, for the sake of democracy, or, if you won't stand for democracy, dammit, then in the name of upstanding Americans' univerally acknowledged loathing of having their dinners interrupted by telemarketers, spread the word on this news today. Let your friends who have yet to vote know that the Republican party has been conducting a deceptive, illegal telemarketing smear campaign against Democratic candidates in a last-ditch attempt to make voters angry at the Democratic party, calling voters incessantly and attempting to pretend that the annoying robocalls naming Democratic candidates have been paid for by the Democratic candidates themselves, when in fact the entire enterprise has been funded by the Republicans.

And then, after you vote today, go home, and do something nice for a neighbor who disagrees with your political views. And then think about what we all can do to overhaul this ridiculously corrupt two-party system. And leave your suggestions here, because I want to hear them. I am so sick, sick, sick of deceitful politicians on both sides of the aisle. This is supposed to be our government-- the people's government. I want to take it back.


Marianne said...
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Jaelithe said...

Um, Anonymous, if you had actually looked at my post, you would see that I linked to SIX articles on this subject. I have actually read close to twenty articles on the subject. I picked the first six I found on a Google News search to link to.

I never look at just one article on ANY subject before I write a post about it. Never. I am a readaholic.

There is no spin intended here. This is fact. The Republican party has paid a company called Conquest Communications to robocall people. The calls mention the names of Democratic candidates at the beginning, in order to leave an impression to someone who just hangs up on the call that the call was from the Democratic candidate. The Republican Party is currently facing millions of dollars of fines over these calls.

I am sorry if you have received annoying calls from Claire McCaskill. I didn't tell anyone to vote for Claire McCaskill. I suggest you take that problem up with her. Call her office and complain.

I didn't tell anyone to vote for the Democrats, either. This will be a newsflash for you, since you didn't actually read my post, but, as I hinted in my post, I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT. I am a liberal. There is a difference. Find an 8th grade American history book and read it.

I would never presume to tell anyone who to vote for. However, in your case I will presume to humbly encourage you to RTFA (that means read the f&*#ing articles, noob) before you comment on my blog in the future.


Lisa said...

Hey anon. You're being really nasty. You can disagree with Jaelithe if you want. But PLEASE do it in a more constructive, polite manner.

She's an intelligent, open-minded person. Don't be so quick to judge.

If you were outside trying to juggle groceries and a toddler, she'd be the person giving you an encouraging smile while holding the door open for you -- whether you agreed with her ideas or not...

In short? You need to treat her with more respect than that.

Perstephone said...

Speaking of fueling the fire- isn't that the purpose of posting as an anon? Just checking.

As for all of the questionable phone calls, I have started to discredit all of them and just do my own research. The calls don't make me vote against them, but if you can't get a real live body to call me, well, then there's no dialogue and no matter which party is calling, that's a complete disconnect.

Plus, I had 9 messages on Friday afternoon- 7 of them ads. The final message was cut off because I had no more space and all I heard was, "we are interviewing next week, so please call. Thanks." Those bastards made me miss a job interview. Zoinks!

Jaelithe said...

Woah, that totally sucks, Stephanie! Did you ever figure out who the job-related caller was?

I just want to prohibit all political ads at this point. So, so sick of them. All of them. Make the politicians have to print up resumes, voting records, and essays concerning their future plans instead, and send them to us in the mail. Kind of like a college application. Only the pols are not allowed to have their parents help them ;)

Mitzi Green said...

political campaigns always leave me wondering--why do we always encourage young children to act like adults, when it seems they already do?

as a side note, i met claire years ago when she was a lowly assistant prosecutor. i opted not to talk politics with her, and found her to be exceptionally cool.

and the only robocalls i've been getting lately are for my over-the-limit mastercard. i feel left out.

Perstephone said...

Since I've been applying for quite a few positions lately and the number wasn't shown on my caller ID, I never did figure out which company/organization was calling. :(

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that this post by anon is a 'robocomment' by Conquest Communications ... yes .. they are using the blog system now!!!

Anonymous said...

When I worked with the Clinton campaign back in, what was it, '96? and 2000? The same stuff occurred on the Dem side. Always has, for BOTH sides. It't nothing new, just like it wasn't anything knew when the Dems in STLcity trumped up a bunch of false votes last election using dead social sec. numbers and felon numbers. Corruption is NOT just limited to repubs or dems. What p*sses me off is that the media just decides now to report it when it should have been front page news ages ago.

Anonymous said...

And typos is what you get when your other hand is in a bag of gingersnaps.

Jaelithe said...

Gingersnap-related typos, as well as all other cookie-related typos, are officially sanctioned by the blog author.