Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blog Blast Update

Remember when I posted a lengthy series recently as part of a St. Louis bloggers' blog blast about BlogNetNews, an "aggregator" site that seems to be walking CROSSING a very fine line between blog aggregation and splogging?

The inimitable Queen of Spain recently discovered her blog content is being scraped by BNN's parenting site.

After reading Erin's post, Victoria from Anachroclysmic also wrote a post detailing her recent confrontation with BNN's quickly-becoming-infamous Dave Mastio.

And the expanding conversation about the BNN controversy has now come full circle, as Buster of InMuscatine, one of Mastio's earliest and most vocal critics (and a blogger I singled out in my series as one whose original work Mastio repeatedly refused to remove from BNN) came across Victoria's post, which linked back to both Erin's post, and mine.

Buster has issued a modest proposal some bloggers who have been unable to get their content removed from BNN may wish to consider.

Personally, I think the best way to stop BlogNetNews from taking advantage of and disrespecting bloggers is to keep blogging about how BlogNetNews takes advantage of and disrespects bloggers, thereby forcing BlogNetNews to display content about Dave Mastio's own devious and inappropriate behavior.

But Buster's idea might work, too.

In case anyone missed it, here are the posts from the original St. Louis BNN Blog Blast (if I've left anyone out, as I'm sure I have since I'm half asleep, do tell me and I'll add you in):

Little Bald Doctors
Super Fun Patrol
A Bun's Life
The Broad Brush
Highway 61

Also, this is the post on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Virtual St. Louis blog, tentatively proposing a joint venture between the Post-Dispatch and BNN, that prompted me, and other local bloggers, to investigate the new BNN St. Louis site in the first place.

And here is the paper's reaction to our reaction.

(Fifty points for anyone paying attention who can catch the irony inherent in that second Virtual St. Louis post's title.

Not that my post titles were that original, or anything. I'm just sayin' . . .)

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