Tuesday, March 18, 2008

True Geek Confession*+

When I'm stressed and I feel I need a moment to sit and collect my thoughts in silence, I like to sip cup of tea.

Earl Grey.


* Props to my woman Dawn, per usual.
+ Inspired in part by Dana's most recent confession of Sci Fi geekitude, and in part by the fact that I am actually sitting here right now soothing my sore throat and my unruly soul with a cup of hot Earl Grey.


Kim said...

Hot dog!! I'd rather play Star Trek trivia than Star Wars trivia.

Jaelithe said...

Note that as I am married to a Star Wars trivia geek, I choose remain officially neutral as to which imaginary universe is, in fact, more awesome.

Awesome Mom said...

If I drank tea I would only drink Earl Gray. I totally think that Star Trek is the cooler universe.

Kim said...

It's imaginary? Seriously?

StLmom said...

This will change your life: Teavana's Earl Grey Creme. Best Earl Grey ever.