Friday, March 07, 2008

Stephen, I Didn't Know You Felt This Way

Stephen's Fabulous Duet with John Legend

Jaelithe's 2007 Halloween costume

Coincidence? I think not.


Shawn said...

Nice manicure, Jae.

I've always wondered, does Lady Liberty wear a brassiere? Does she really believe in Freedom for All?

Or is she more about uplifting symbolism?

Is she a Feminist? Does she shave her pits? (She is a French immigrant, after all.) Or is she a stay-at-home maternal figure, on vigil for her prodigal children to return home from abroad?

Questions I've long harbored (no pun intended) but never had the chance to ask before.

Jaelithe said...

Well, THIS Lady Libery did indeed shave her pits and wear a bra that night ;) However, the actual statue is wearing a traditional style of Roman dress-- a two-piece number called the stola and palla-- that came long before the invention of the brassiere. There's a way of wrapping the straps of the stola undergarment that does provide some support for the girls, though. It's actually a rather clever system, which is not surprising, given it's Roman.

(Yes, I actually researched the actual traditional Roman outfit before I sewed my Halloween costume, because I am THAT MUCH OF A GEEK, and I actually made it to spec. Well, except for the bit about weaving the fabric by hand out of coarse wool and peeing on it to wash it. Because I'm not THAT into authenticity. It was machine washable synthetic blend satin all the way for me, thank you very much.)

Shawn said...

You know, it wouldn't have killed you to crop that picture about twenty pixels lower.

I'm just sayin'.

Jaelithe said...

Next time I'm taking my own photo by stretching out my arm as far as it will go while wearing ten yards of fabric and holding a five-pound flashlight in my other hand, I'll try to get a more flattering angle :P

Debbie said...

*prom king*

that ruled.

I wish I had the wherewithal to watch tv more often - I would so watch The Report.

bleah. stupid no-tv-time-having life. sigh.

but your costume is INCREDible. how are you such a genius and still real? I'd like to know. really.

Jaelithe said...

Well, I don't know whether obsession with random esoteric knowledge actually equates to genius. Especially since I'm not even that good at being obsessed with esoteric knowledge-- I usually lose to my smart friends at Trivial Pursuit.

I watch the Report the day after its first airing, when it repeats at 7:30. So I'm always getting my news a day late. And even then I really only manage to catch it maybe three times a week, and I often only see part of the show.

So it was a lucky thing I managed to catch this moment of surpassing beauty.