Thursday, December 27, 2007

Conversations with a Three-Year-Old: Son of Pedant

Conversation One: Son of Pedant

FATHER: Can I have a hug, son?

CHILD: Yes you may.


Conversation Two: Son of Ranter

CHILD: What is going on with Mommy?

FATHER: Mommy is upset.

CHILD: But Daddy, why is Mommy upset?

MOTHER: Oh, don't worry. I'm not mad at Daddy. I'm just upset because I'm tired of being Oppressed by The Man. Can you say Oppressed by The Man?

CHILD: Oppressed by The Man,

MOTHER: Good job.

CHILD: Mommy?


CHILD: Can't you just stop being so oppressed all the time?


Awesome Mom said...

That boy is quite the crack up.

Anonymous said...

Love! He is so adorable! A near 4 year old correcting his dad's grammar. Awesome!