Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things About Me: Skeletons in the Closet Edition, Part Four

Thing Four:

I have moved 24 times in my life.

Mind you, I am 27 years old.

The frequency of moves had partly to do with my parents' divorce, and partly to do with being exceedingly broke (and therefore unable to live on campus) as a college student, and partly to due with becoming a mother earlier than I had expected, and probably lots to do with generally bad housing luck.

I have never lived outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area. I have lived in: Hazelwood, Berkley, Jennings, Bridgeton, Vinita Park, University City, the Central West End, South City, Creve Coeur, and Maryland Heights.

I have lived in crappy, dangerous Section-8 slums, quaint suburban ranch homes, and expensive luxury highrises. I once went to the worst public school district in North County. I once went to the richest private school in West County.

(So, if you think you can pin down my socioeconomic background and guess at my personality by asking The Famous Saint Louis Question, "Where did you go to high school?" you are, in fact, for once, mistaken.)

I'll have been at my current house for a year, come Christmas.

I think I'll be staying here for a while.


SusanIsk said...

Try thaving grown up in Clayton and being typecast immediately...

Farrell said...

I despise moving.

Jaelithe said...

Ah, you see Susan, when I tell people where I went to high school, they THINK I grew up in Clayton, Chesterfield, or Ladue, so I do know exactly what you are talking about.

R said...

I just wish I could have seen you at your high school. It would have been hilarious. . .and I wouldn't have been laughing at you.

(Nothing against the school or anything. . . I know two nice people-- other than you or Jerry-- who went there. There, that's my PC tag line.)

Jaelithe said...

Oh, SURE you wouldn't have been laughing at me.

R said...

Oh I really wouldn't have. . . I was you.

Ruth Dynamite said...

I hope you settle down for awhile and relax.