Friday, December 14, 2007

We Interrupt This Meme to Bring You the Fact that Dwight is Awesome, Oh and I Talked to Some Other Bloggers Too

So, I went out to the STL Blogger Holiday Meetup organized by the lovely ladies behind NewsBitch and Marriage 101. I went even though I barely qualify to go to blogging events these days, given I've been posting like three times a month (in a good month).

Everyone there was gracious and pretended that they didn't care that I've lost my Bloggers' Club membership card, though. And I had a lovely time.

When Dwight from Dwight's Writing Manifesto walked in, I recognized him immediately, which is weird since I had never met him in person or seen a picture of him before. He actually posted a photo of himself on his blog for the first time ever today, but I didn't see it before I left for the party.

I guess I must have recognized him because he just looks like how he writes. He was wearing a badass leather jacket, and he ordered a scotch and soda. The very image of a writer of hard-boiled fiction, no? I'm afraid I monopolized his time asking him too many questions about the keys to successful writing-while-parenting, but he was kind enough to put up with me.

Raquita and Benticore were there, and Raquita gave me a super fancy jar of super fancy vanilla sugar, because she is super fancy like that. Now I owe her two Christmas cheesecakes.

Rebecca was there. Slacker Mommy and Midwestern Mommy and Farrell were all there, too, kicking it mommyblogger style. (Which means that they, like me, were mostly drinking too much and pretending like they were young, childless and free, except for when we would forget to pretend all that and start talking about our children. By the way, did I mention that Farrell looks like she is, like, 23? But she's actually older than me? Damn. I want to know what moisturizer she is using.)

I met this chick who writes a blog entirely about cupcakes, which of course meant I had to blogroll her immediately when I came home, because, honestly, who wouldn't want to read a blog entirely about cupcakes? Only a person with no heart or no tastebuds could resist a blog entirely about cupcakes.

I also met a wedding photographer, which is convenient given my sister is getting married in a few months.

The famous Dana arrived fashionably late, accompanied by The Sexy, who pretended to be a bit put out by our insistence that his name tag read THE SEXY, but, I think he was secretly pleased.

There were at least 15 other people there I didn't really get to meet, and a bunch of other people I did meet whom I'm sure I've forgotten to list. Basically, everyone was there. Do you hear me? EVERYONE. Which means if you missed this party, you missed EVERYONE.

So, you'd better go to the next one, see?


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

You know, for all the "nerd" poo we bloggers get flung our way, there was some SERIOUS eyecandy among those bloggeratti babes.

And you among them, Jaelithe.

Wow. You were so not what I was expecting. Your blog pictures are cute, but they are mommy cute. You clean up nice, chick. Momma Jae gots some Grr-r-r-r to her, gurl.

And aside from being a knockout, you were a terrific sweetheart to babysit a fellow intravert.

Thank you for your warm company. (And keep lying about how mysterious and cool I am. I owe you.)

Farrell said...

LOL actually i don't even use moisturizer...maybe that's my secret??
I'm thankful that someone rushed home and blogged about the blog even before I could!!

SusanIsk said...

It was great to meet you last night!

walljm said...

hey. nice to meet all of you. :) and in case i didn't mention it before, my professional site is

Anonymous said...

You completely crack me up. I too, think he secretly likes it.

It was great to see you there; your card is not revoked. You don't get off that easy, young lady.

- Dana

Anonymous said...

I wish we had gotten to talk more, but I'm so impressed that you got this post up so quickly. . . which proves, as much as you try to insist otherwise, that you're still one of us.


Liz said...

It was fun, no? See you at the next one!