Friday, December 28, 2007

This Kid Is Totally Smarter Than My Kid (But Don't Tell Him I Said That)

Apparently, there is some controversy brewing on the internets regarding young Lilly's abilities. Some people seem to think her parents must have subjected her to some sort of crazy draconian toddler training system that essentially forced her to learn the names of all these places on the map.

When my own son was about Lilly's age, he asked, nay, demanded that I teach him the name that went with the symbol for every major car company. He voluntarily memorized them all, and would gleefully call out the names of cars as they passed us on the street.

As the parent of such a quirky child, I would have to say, I suspect Lilly really does do this for fun.

Some people just are born geeky.


Shawn said...

"Where's your dignity, Lilly?"

Mom101 said...

That is just totally awesome.

Speaking as a mom whose 2.5 year old woke up this morning and first thing whispered...can we learn more Spanish?

I kind of tapped out my repertoire at hola, gracias, adios and dos cervezas por favor.

Jaelithe said...

Ah, you should teach her: "Donde esta el cuarto de bano?" which always goes well with "Dos cervezas por favor."

Also, I find, "Necesito una toalla," and "Llame a la policia, por favor" to be quite useful ;)