Friday, March 07, 2008

Conversations with a Three-Year-Old: Blogging

CHILD: What is that noise?

MOTHER: Oh, it's a new noise my computer makes sometimes now. I downloaded some new software. It makes that noise when one of my friends writes a new blog post.

CHILD: What is a blog?

MOTHER: Well, you've seen Mommy's blog, right? Where I write things for people to read? A blog is a place where you write things for other people to read.

CHILD: I have a blog that I work on. It's called PBS Kids.

MOTHER: Oh, no, PBS Kids is not a blog. PBS Kids is a website with games on it. A blog is a website where you just write things. It's not about games.

CHILD: Oh. Well then, can I have a blog?

MOTHER: You have to be able to type to have a blog.

CHILD: I can type.

MOTHER [Considering the fact that this is indeed true]: But, on a blog, you have to know how to type lots and lots of different words. Can you type lots and lots of different words?

CHILD [Crestfallen]: Well, no. [Brightening] But, I can type Isaac. Isaac is spelled I-S-A-A-C. I know I can type that word.

MOTHER: That's true. You can type Isaac.

CHILD: And I can type Sam! Sam is my friend. I wrote her name on her Valentine.

MOTHER: That's true.

CHILD: And I can type boat!

MOTHER: Well, if you practice a lot, I bet you could learn how to type all sorts of words, right?


MOTHER: Well, all right. How about this. I'll let you practice typing something, and we can put it on my blog, okay? What do you want to write for people to read? Remember, a lot of people will be reading it.

CHILD types:



R said...

my heart breaks with love everytime you post your conversations with Isaac. And then, Isaac has to break it even more with his typing skills and SO sweet message. I love that kid of yours.

Awesome Mom said...

Too cute!!

We will be stationed in Topeka so we will be closer to the eastern part of the state. My husband put down St. Louis as one of his picks but we did not get that one. When we get over there we should try and maybe find a way to meet somehow, at Target. lol!

Jaelithe said...

Rebecca, if I ever get rich enough to afford a nanny, I am totally stealing you from your current employer. But don't tell him I said that.

Awesome Mom, we should be sure to dress our sons in their matching Target camo rain jackets when we meet at Target, and take pictures. I'm sure there's a Target halfway between St. Louis and Topeka.

Unknown said...

THAT is the best thing I have read all day. Just awesome. I want to give him a great big hug.

Farrell said...


JessiTRON said...

That is beautiful! This is a tear-jerker post.

Debbie said...

I could lap that kid up with a spoon.