Sunday, March 23, 2008

Conversations with a Three-Year-Old: Computer Shopping

FATHER: So, which of these two laptops here do you like better?

MOTHER: Well, this one has a built-in web cam. That would be nice whenever one of us goes on a business trip-- we could use it to talk to the kid at home over video.

FATHER: This one has a bigger screen, though.

MOTHER: That's true. That screen seems a little brighter, too. But this one has more hard drive space!

CHILD: Excuse me.

FATHER: Just a minute. Mommy and I are talking. This one has an Intel processor, and that one has an AMD. I think that's the biggest reason for the price difference. Well, that and the larger screen.

MOTHER: But does it really matter anymore whether you get Intel or AMD? I mean--

CHILD: Excuse me!

MOTHER (to CHILD): Just a minute, dear. We have to make an important decision. (To FATHER) As I was saying, is there really a difference between AMD and Intel anymore in terms of performance? I mean, aren't they considered comparable? Plus, the AMD one has that cool label burning feature in the CD drive.

FATHER: That's true. But, are you sure you dont--



CHILD: You said this one here has more hard drive space, right?

MOTHER: Yes, sweetie. That's what Mommy said.

CHILD: Okay, then. This one has more hard drive space. It says it has 250 gigs, right? More hard drive space means more space for music. We need this one.

MOTHER and FATHER stare at CHILD in stunned silence.

MOTHER: Okay, I guess we need this one, then.

FATHER: Yep, this one it is.


Pitbull said...

Ha ha. It's pretty obvious what this computer will be doing.

alicewonderland said...

My I borrow your child next time I have to shop for a technological device? He followed your conversation better than I did. LOL

Farrell said...

Wow! what a smarty pants!

Lisa said...

I'm with alicewonderland.

Maybe Issac can start publishing his OWN guides to what computers are the best for the money. You know, from a (brilliant) kid's perspective?

Debbie said...

may I join you in gawking at your small genius?


p.s. I hope you're all feeling healthier and that you've had the opportunity to clean up. I loathe, with a giant loathing, the dirty-sicky-house scenario.

(lmk if you need me to come 'round and help out. I'll fly right over.)

KBO said...

Girl, you know I'm in the market. Hit me up with your final choice and why you chose it.

JessiTRON said...

He says "excuse me" when he wants to interrupt a conversation? I am in awe. He actually recognizes that he's interrupting and says "excuse me"!?

Jaelithe said...

He doesn't say "excuse me" EVERY time he interrupts. Trust me on that one. The fact that he does remember to say it on occasion is due to some very intensive training.

Kim said...

Where was he when I was buying my tv?

Posy said...

Love it! Sometimes they boil it down to the essentials, don't they?