Thursday, April 06, 2006

Awesome Willpower? Tooth Pain? Or Motherly Love?

I've made a single box of these last for two weeks:

I gave four of them to my husband, even though he kept an entire box of Samoas for himself.

And I just gave the last one in the box to my son.


Lisa said...

OHhhh I LOVE those things. As does my boy. So he is easily bribed.

MrsFortune said...

Mmm ... crumble those up on some ice cream and it's heaven, baby. We've had those in the house for months, we keep buying more from the girl scouts who are selling them outside the grocery stores, but I'm pretty sure they're all out. So we're making the last of them last.

Andrea said...

It's that freakish phenomenon called wife/motherhood. It's your version of providing for your family. And it'll keep your hips a nice normal size. Maybe it's just biological, how women have had to give up their Girl Scout Thin Mints dating back to caveman times so they could stay in shape to be able to outrun their cave roommates when they were being chased by saber toothed tigers. Or maybe it's just love.

Dawn said...

Those nutter butter, peanut butter ones got me. I was so close to escaping and they gabbed me, forced my mouth open and leapt in. It was awful