Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lines that Will Definitely Get My Husband Laid

During one of several discussions I've had with my husband lately regarding blog posts like this and this and, of course, the infamous this, as I tried to express to him my own insecurity about the ways my body has changed since having a baby, and the ways it will most likely continue to change, despite my best efforts, throughout the rest of our lives together, he looked me in the eye and said, quite seriously:

"Oh, come on. You do know I'll still love you even if you get to be 500 pounds, right?"

Did I mention he also takes out the trash, folds laundry like a pro, and makes mighty fine pancakes on Saturday mornings?

Sorry ladies-- this one's taken. As long as we both shall live.


Andrea said...

Good one! You're lucky, to be sure, but I wouldn't trade you with my own hubby, that's for sure. We're both overweight (as told by my rude coworker) and we're doing our losing weight thing together. When he loses motivation, I try to pep him back up and vice versa. I don't know about getting laid comments, but his comments about my weight help keep me going, which I suppose leads to him getting laid when I feel better about how I'm starting to look. He's honest with me without being mean or demeaning because he's in the same boat I am. Thanks for these links. I'm glad other women have the same kinds of issues with their weight I do. Seems like the only blogs I've found have svelt women who bounce back well after childbirth (or are still svelte before having children) and their thinking they're fat is about six sizes smaller than I am. I'll be bookmarking more. P.S. glad you're posting more often. I like your blog and more is better.

Jaelithe said...

I think it's great that you and your husband are helping each other lose weight. My husband and I, though not medically overweight (yet, heh), are both really out of shape compared to how we were a couple of years ago, and we have both trying to work out more often lately. I think it really helps tremendously to have a caring partner motivate you. Especially when you have a kid around giving you 10,000 excuses not to exercise. *sigh*

Jaelithe said...

Another thought:

I think nearly all women feel insecure about their bodies after childbirth, whether they lose the pregnancy weight right away or not. Pregnancy can leave so many after-effects besides weight. Stretch marks, sagging skin, varicose veins . . . Heck, my pregnancy even changed my hair color (I used to have medium blonde hair with natural red highlights. Now I have dark blonde hair with no red. It's like my son sucked all the best colors out to color his own hair LOL).

I know a lot of things aren't quite where they used to be on this bod, and probably never will be again . . . it's been nearly two years now, and I'm still really not used to it!

That's why I empathize with all of these women who worry about the changes time and childbearing have wrought on their bodies. It's like you just never know what an event like pregnancy is going to do to your body. I really wish our culture had more realistic expectations for what a grown woman's body ought to look like . . .

MrsFortune said...

Dang! Pancakes!! Bacon and sausage, too?

Dawn said...

I hate that fake body judgement hidden as concern shit. Please. Spare me.

Why not just start the statement with "No offense, But"

That MIM stuff stuck in my craw.

Jaelithe said...

He DOES in fact make bacon, but I don't eat it, because I'm a veg.

(Sometimes he makes me fake bacon though).

AND if I ask him he will make eggs, even though he hates eggs himself.

Lisa said...

I heard about the infamous post but never got to read it. Then I forgot all about it. THanks for linking it.

And yes, you are a smart woman to marry such a great guy. But obviously you are doing alot of wonderful things for him. If he didn't feel happy, he wouldn't be so helpful. So yeay to both of you!

Also, I think my child suck the best colors out of my hair too!