Friday, April 14, 2006


MOMMY: Do you want to try on this hat to see if it fits you, Isaac?

ISAAC: (shoves hat away violently) No!

MOMMY: Come on, sweetheart. We just need to make sure it will fit.

ISAAC: No hat! No!

MOMMY: What about this one? Look! It has a cool tiger on it! Grrrr!



DADDY: "Isaac, it's a baseball hat. For playing baseball."

Isaac grabs hat, tries to put it on his own head, fails, eagerly accepts help from mother in righting hat.



Bridgermama said...

Way to go pa!

Lisa said...

My child is the same way. He'll sceam out "BASEBALL" And run around the house as if to run around imaginary bases.

MrsFortune said...

Hmm ... I wonder if he'd respond in the same way to a "hockey" hat or ... "lacrosse" ... those sports get the short end of the stick (haha!)

Jaelithe said...

Actually, Isaac is OBSESSED with hockey (because his father is obsessed with hockey). Enough for sure to know that in hockey you don't wear cloth hats. Heh.

In fact, as hockey is the only sport that is regularly watched in this house, Isaac used to call all sports hockey when he was smaller, but now he knows the difference . . .

Of course, this is a sad, sad year for St. Louis hockey fans. It's a good thing he's too young to remember when the Blues could actually play.

Andrea said...

My son loves hats of all kinds, and he learned how to put them on his head at 12 months old. He'll steal the hat off his daddy's head to put it on his own. I find this extremely cute, except when I'm trying to take his picture and the bill of his hat is hiding his face and he won't let me move it to get a better shot. Sometimes, he wants to sleep in the hat.