Thursday, April 06, 2006

Isaac's Rockin' Children's Music Countdown

And Isaac's Top Five Requested Songs of the Week are:

5.) "Pop Weasel-weasel-weasel"
4.) "Dumb Dumb Bidge Fall Down"
3.) "It's a Bigger Pider"
2.) "You Unda Sun-Sign"
1.) "Tinkle Tinkle Star"

In other news, the reason I didn't post the epic post I had in my head yesterday about the crushing anxiety, mother-guilt and self-doubt I drown in nearly every day because of my underweight child's continued refusal to eat like a normal human being is that given the brief bit of lovely weather, I spent several hours on my tiny patio attempting to refinish this:

The project is now about 80% finished, but completion is currently rain-delayed until at least Saturday.

(Did you look at that thing? For heaven's sake, wish me luck).


Dawn said...

You do know that Emily weighed 13 pounds at her first birthday. And was in an infant car seat until she was 18 months old...and had weekly weight checks for years...UNTIL SHE TURNED 4. Then she gained so much weight, so fast they talked to us about her becoming OBESE!

Now, with the Ritalin, she has lost so much weight, we go in for monthly weight checks....

Just breathe, my dear.

Jaelithe said...

Thanks for the breathing reminder, Dawn.

When I first started reading your blog months ago, I did go back in the archives and when I saw your pictures of the Little Bad Ass walking in her teeny tiny shoes, it did give me great hope that my son will have to at least make it to age seven :) Even Isaac wasn't that small! And look at Emily now! Still kicking butt and taking names, just like her Mama.

Isaac was something around 18 1/2 lbs on his first birthday, which put him at that time just above the 3rd percentile for weight. Of course, he had been tall for his age until the self-starvation started stunting his growth, so at that point in time he was still hanging on in the 75th percentile for height. 75th percentile for height, 3rd for weight . . . pretty much, he looked like a Save the Children poster.

That was during the worst food refusal phase, and we've already come so far in getting him to eat more things . . .

I just have to keep reminding myself that a.) Others have made it through and b.) He has been worse, and he is getting better.

If only he would just gain enough to make it back on the growth chart weight-wise *sigh*

(I think if a doctor ever told me my son was in danger of becoming obese, I would laugh in that doctor's face. And then go home and throw a party. With ice cream and cake. Hehe).