Friday, April 21, 2006

Continuing Education

Note to self:

When making a special surprise chocolate tuxedo cheesecake for husband, before putting cheesecake in oven, remove all oven racks and check entire oven interior thoroughly for foreign objects, as it would appear crayons can roll to the back of the oven and situate themselves under the edge of the rack in such a manner as to be practically invisible to the casual oven inspector.

Although a woman whose sharp sense of smell, quick thinking, and housewifely ingenuity allows her to not only save her kitchen from catching on fire but also actually SAVE THE CHEESECAKE when an overlooked wayward crayon catches fire in her oven might be said to be The Bomb, NOT being forced to battle a minature conflagration of wax and paper with a squirt bottle and a washcloth is preferable.


MrsFortune said...

Oh man!!! And cheese cake is a lot harder to make than a box of measley brownies.

Hey, Mastercard is looking for a new commercial for their "blah blah ten dollars" "blah blah blah priceless" campaign. This post has that written all over it!

Andrea said...

That's freakin' hilarious! I know how hard cheesecake is to make because my dad has the best recipe, and I've ruined several in my baking lifetime. I think that hubby should bow down to your kitchen prowess, both for your firefighter abilities as well as your cheesecake saving abilities. Wayward crayons indeed. I agree with Mrs. Fortune on the MasterCard contest. That would SO win!

Lisa said...

Eeeek. Did you get serious brownie points for making that kind of dessert? Yummy. I'm coming over the help you eat it. I don't care how many crayons may or may not be in it. heehee.

Andrea said...

Jae, no post since Friday!?! If revamping your code means we don't hear from you, I like your page just fine! Come baaaaaaaccck!

Jaelithe said...

Hmm actually it's not just that-- I am trying to finish up a bunch of projects around the house, AND my husband just got a computer game and has been totally hogging the computer!

I'll come up with something to post about today :)