Friday, April 28, 2006

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I will put up something entertaining later today, I promise!

I have been:

1.) Working on some new site graphics (which I now think totally suck, of course, but I'll probably put them up anyway this weekend just to show you I've been doing something).

2.) Trying to finish a bunch of minor fix-it/decoration projects around the house in anticipation of my son's upcoming birthday party.

3.) Gardening.

4.) Biting my tongue while my husband spends 3-6 hours EVERY NIGHT hogging the best seat in the house playing a computer game. Biting my tongue because he has waited six months to buy this game -- he had to upgrade the computer to play it, so it required a fair chunk of change, and he kept putting it off so we could buy stuff for the house/the boy/ME instead.

We all know absence makes the heart grow fonder, and after staring longingly at this game on the Target shelf, for several minutes at a time, at least once a week, for six months, I am pretty sure my husband is currently more in love with this game than he is with me.

(I'm sure this is just a phase, though. He'll grow out of it eventually. Right?)


Peter said...

hmmm .. I was thinking "Tomb Raider - Legend" .. but that was not even out 6 months ago ... so .. which game is it ...
I used to be into EQ (got off of that) .. and I just love all games that are 3D - run around - shot to kill ... and I have not been playing anything in more than 9 months .. so .. tell your hubby he is lucky that he gets the time to do so ... I wonder when we have to get into games to understand what our sons are doing all day .. by that time I think they might be controlled by funky mind helmets ... (the games .. our sons too maybe)

Perstephone said...

My husband is into "the games," too. It can be so hard to grin and bear it, especially when the boys wait a year for their game to come out.

But yeah, I can relate to wanting to reclaim the computer. For me it's the TV since my husband's drug of choice is the XBox 360.